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Ini saya postingkan dengan sengaja untuk anak indonesia yang perlu latihan UN 2012 bahasa inggris , soal ini saya dapatkan dari temen deket saya yang jagoan bahasa inggris . Semoga berguna ya  

Dengan senang hati pula saya sertakan kunci jawabannya dibawahnya.  OK

The following text is for questions 16 and 17. 

Friday, June 24, 2011                                                                        
Would you write a letter in reply to Emma Hall’s application for the post of Arts Officer, asking her to come for an interview at a suitable time next Friday- 45 minutes should be long enough. Ask her to phone if she can’t make it. Suggest best train from Manchester & explain that it takes only 15 minutes walk from Euston. Travel expenses will be paid.
Thanks – David.
16.  What does the message talk about?
A.       An application letter to Emma Hall.
B.       A suitable time for Emma hall to interview.
C.       A suggestion for a best train for Emma Hall.
D.       A phone call for Emma Hall to come for an interview.
E.        A reply letter to Emma Hall to come for an interview.

17.    Ask her to phone if she can’t make it.” The underlined word refers to ….
A. David’s secretary
B. Emma’s director
C. David’s sister
D. Emma’s sister
E. Emma

The following text is for questions 18 and 19.
February, 22,  2012

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ahmad,
I was so upset to hear about your daughter’s accident. You might not remember me, but I knew Sarah last year at camp. She and I were to the same cabin.
        I can’t believe she’s dead. I was looking forward to seeing her again this summer. We had a lot of fun together last year – both of us hated archery and I don’t think either of us ever hit the target, but we laughed about it a lot. She was a really nice person, and she was the only one in our cabin who learned to do the butterfly stroke the right way in swimming.
        I’ll miss her a lot this summer at camp, and I’m sure all her friends and her family will miss her very much. I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am that it happened.

Sincerely yours,

Ann Mary
18.  What is the letter about?
       A. Feeling sad.
       B. Missing Sarah. 
       C. Expressing sympathy.
       D. Informing Sarah’s dead.
       E. Hearing Sarah’s accident.

 19.  What is the writer’s intention to write the letter?
         A. To greet
         B. To invite
         C. To apologize                                     
        D. To express gratitude
        E. To express condolence

The following text is for questions 20 and 21.

Many customers have received e-mails claiming to be from Asian Bank. These e-mails were not genuine. These e-mails ask you to reply, giving your:
-   Account number
-   Password
-   Credit card number
-   Date of birth
-   Address
Asian Bank does not send e-mails asking for this information. If you ever received an e-mail for this information, please do not reply.
Send the e-mail immediately to online@bank.com.If you have given anyone your details, call our help line immediately on 0884421323. Be warned. Criminals are trying to access your accounts.
20. What is the announcement about?
A. It’s a caution for customers.
B. It’s an offer from Asian Bank.
C. It’s a claim about Asian Bank.
D. It’s a request from Asian Bank.
E.  It’s about a new bank product.

21. You must be careful because ….
A.      you have given anyone your details
B.       criminals are trying to access your accounts
C.       some e-mails were not genuine from Asian Bank
D.      Asian Bank does not send e-mails asking for the information
E.       many customers have received e-mails claiming to be from Asian Bank

The following text is for questions 22 and 23. 

Northern Design Services is a residential designer and building contractor with over
fifteen years experience in Northern Wisconsin lakefront home living and design. We can help you design and build your dream home. Call us for more information on:
·         Distinctive Residential Design Services
·         Log home Design and Construction
·         Custom and free built Panellized Homes
·         Sales of Panellized Systems, floor and roof trusses.
6648 Sylvan Shore Rd. Hazelhurst , WI 54531
22. What kinds of services are given to the customers?
A.      To design their houses.                                            
B.       To customize their houses.
C.       To panellize their house system.      
D.      To design and build their dream houses.
E.       To serve residential design services and sales of their houses.

23. What is the advertisement about?
A.     Northern Wisconsin.
B.      Northern Design Services.
C.      Dreaming of a Northwoods.                        
D.     Residential Design Services.                       
E.      Log Home Design and Construction.

The following text is for questions 24 to 26.
Jack and mother became very rich. They had a hen that laid golden eggs and a golden harp that played the most wonderful music. They lived in a big house on the edge of the wood and had many servants. But Jack and his mother became greedy and very mean.
            One day an old woman came to the door. ‘Would you like to buy some beans?’ she asked Jack.
            ‘Yes, but I will only give you a penny,’ Jack answered.
            The old woman was so poor that she accepted the penny and went away. Jack told one of the servants to plant the beans and water tem.
            In no time at all, the beanstalks grew so tall that they touched the clouds. Jack climbed up the tallest beanstalks and found himself back at the giant’s land. Ahead of him was the big castle. He knocked on the door but there was no answer, so he went inside.
            The floor and walls were covered with jewels and gold coins. Soon he filled his pockets with the jewels and money, and was just about to run away when he heard loud footsteps. Suddenly he found himself in a giant fist. It was the fist of the same giant he met in his previous adventure. There was no way for Jack to escape.
            ‘Fee fi fo fum, I’m so glad you’ve come. Be you alive or be you dead, you’ll be my slave or off your head!’
            So Jack became the giant’s slave. He cooked, washed and cleaned the castle. He had to do everything the giant asked. Jack was very unhappy and begged to go home but, alas, he was made to stay on at the castle.
            The giant, however, married a princess not long after that, and they lived happily ever after.

24. ‘The Giant’s Revenge’ is sequel to ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.
       Who are the characters found in both stories?
      A. Jack, Jack’s mother and the giant
      B.  Jack and the giant   
      C. Jack and mother
      D. Jack’s mother
      E. Jack

25. From the passage above, we can learn that if we became wealthy ….
      A. we must be happy
      B. we must be stingy
      C. we should be greedy
      D. we don’t need to be generous
      E. we should be kind and generous

26. What does the first paragraph mainly talk about?
       A.  Jack and his mother were greedy because of their wealth.
       B.  Golden eggs and golden harp played wonderful music.
       C.  Jack and his mother treated their servants wisely.   
       D. A hen was the only Jack and his mother’s wealth.
       E. Wealth was Jack and his mother’s wonder.

The following text is questions 27 and 28.
BOC to Build New Scottish Oil Terminal
The British Oil Corporation announced yesterday its intention to construct a new deep water oil terminal in Loch Kyle on the west coast of Scotland which will be large enough to take the new 500,000 ton super tankers. At the same time it plans to lay a pipeline to connect the new terminal with the oil refinery at Howeskirk on the east coast.
When the BOC were asked why they needed a new terminal, a spokesperson said, ‘It is essential if we are meet Britain’s requirements for imported oil in the 1900s. If we don’t build it, we cannot supply the necessary oil-it’s as simple as that. There are few sites around Britain which are deep enough to accept these new ships. It has to be Loch Kyle, otherwise they’ll have to unload on the Continent and transfer the oil onto smaller tankers. And it’s not far from Howeskirk which must expand its refinery or it’ll lose its place in the world petro-chemical industry. If that happens, then large scale unemployment in this region, which is already economical depressed, is inevitable. Obviously, the tankers have to unload their cargo quickly and storage tanks at Crannog are the only answer. And we must accept that roads and a heliport will have to be build, otherwise communication will be very difficult.’
Asked whether BOC was concerned about the disruption to the village of Crannog and the damage to the environment, the spokesperson replied, ‘Inevitably we’ll meet some local opposition and probably some resistance from conversation groups, but we’re hoping that people will understand why this new terminal is necessary. It will create about 900 jobs, most of which will be in Crannog. It is really in the interest of the country as a whole.’

27.  What is the text about?
A.       The disruption to the village Crannog.
B.       The construction of new oil terminal in Loch Kyle.
C.       The connection to the new oil terminal in Howeskirk.
D.       The importance of building a new oil terminal in Howeskirk.
E.        The planning of building a new deep water oil terminal in Loch Kyle.

28.  The BOC needed to build a new terminal because….
A.       they have to transfer the oil             
B.       they have to supply the necessary oil
C.       they have to support the main terminal                   
D.       they  have to unload their cargo quickly
E.        they have to concern the disruption to the village

The following text is for questions 29 and 30.
I Saw a UFO
When I was out walking my dog in Parson’s Field last night, I heard a loud metallic sound like a steel drum being cut up by a chainsaw. When I looked up, I saw gigantic spaceship landing in the woods to my right. It was circular and flat like a flying saucer. Lots of tiny blue balls of light like electricity were being fired out of it in all directions. One of the lights came straight at me and seemed to pass right through at me. I felt a tingling sensation from head to foot, but the sensation passed in a few seconds
By now the ship had landed behind the trees and all I could see was a faint yellow glow. I intended to run while I had the chance, but I seemed to have no control over my body. To my horror, my legs began to carry me towards the spaceship. I tried to resist, but it was hopeless.
As I entered the clearing where the alien craft had landed, I was caught in a strong beam of white light that actually lifted me off the ground. I was held in mid-air for several seconds, and I felt that I was being examined inside and out. Suddenly the beam was switched off and I fell to the damp ground. I was slightly stunned, but now I could see the spaceship properly. It surface was completely smooth. There were no openings, and I could not make out where the lights had been beamed from. However, the whole ship was glowing yellow.
Although I was still scared I was able to control my movements at last. I turned and saw the spaceship rise and disappear into the night sky. This encounter was undoubtedly the strangest experience of my life!

29What was the writer’s strangest experience?
     A. Moving the spaceship.
     B. Cleaning the alien craft.
     C. Seeing the spaceship properly.
     D. Making the spaceship disappearing.
     E.  Visiting the gigantic spaceship landing.
30.  What does the second paragraph mainly tell us about?
A.        The writer saw a faint yellow glow.
B.        The ship had landed behind the trees.
C.        The ship attracted the writer to come in.
D.        The writer intended to run but he could not.
E.         The writer tried to figure out what happened.

The following text is for questions 31 and 32.
A geyser is the result of underground water under the combined conditions of high temperatures and increased pressure beneath the surface of the earth. Since temperature rises approximately 1oF for every sixty feet under the earth’s surface, and pressure increases with depth, water that seeps down in cracks and fissures until it reaches very hot rocks in the earth’s interior becomes heated to a temperature in excess of 290oF. Because of the greater pressure, it shoots out of the surface in the form of steam and hot water. The result is a geyser.
            In order to function, then, a geyser must have a source of heat, a reservoir where water can be stored until the temperature rises to an unstable point, an opening through which the hot water and steam can escape, and underground channels for resupplying water after an eruption.
            Favourable conditions for geysers exist in regions of geologically recent volcanic activity, especially in areas of more than average precipitation.
            For the most part, geysers are located in three regions of the world: New Zealand, Iceland, and the Yellowstone National Par area of the United States. The most famous geyser in the world is Old Faithful in Yellowstone Par. Old Faithful erupts almost every hour, rising to a height of 125 to 170 feet and expelling more than ten thousand gallons during each eruption.

31. What is the text mainly concerned?
      A. The ratio of temperature to pressure in underground water.
      B. The Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park.
      C. Regions of geologically recent volcanic activity.
      D. Famous geysers in the world.
      E. How geysers are formal.
32. Which condition does a geyser require to function?
      A. A source of heat, a place for water, an opening, and underground channels.
      B. Volcanic activity, underground channels, and steam.
      C. An active volcano nearby and a water reservoir.
      D. Channels in the earth and heavy rainfall.
      E. The condition of the highest temperature.

The following text is for questions 33 and 34.

It’s built by the Dutch architect. It’s located in Gatsby City on the waterfront. It has 50 modern apartments. You will feel at home. Each apartment is furnished. Each apartment has a kitchen, a large livingroom, and bathroom. All apartments have patios with views of the water. Besides, it’s also completed city-tour buses with professional guides who are ready to show your exciting tourist spots and shopping places.

33. What is the text about?
A.      Gatsby City.
B.       City tour bus.
C.       Dutch architect.
D.      Modern Apartment.
E.       Callipso Apartment.

34.  Which of the followings is not mentioned relating to the Callipso Apartment?
        A. living room
        B. bathroom
        C. lavatory
        D. kitchen
        E. patios
The following text is for questions 35 to 37.
Why is the World’s Population so Unevenly Distributed?
Population distribution refers to the way in which people are spread out over a land area.      The world’s population is not evenly spread out. Why do you think this is so? There are two main factors that influence population distribution:
a.    The physical condition of the place, and
b.    The level of technology of the people. This refers to the knowledge, skills and tools that the people have.
People tend to settle in areas where the soil is fertile and the climate not too harsh.     That is why river deltas, such as the Nile Delta in Egypt, are densely populated. There are fewer people living in hilly areas and areas with harsh climate because the extreme physical conditions make living and farming very difficult.
However, it is possible for people to survive under unfavourable living conditions. With improvements in technology, places which were previously thought to be unsuitable for living can become suitable for people. For example, an area with no water sources nearby can be habitable by bringing in water from elsewhere. An extremely dry and hot area, such Arizona, can be made more comfortable by having buildings fitted with air-conditioners. Farming may be difficult in a place without fertile land and adequate rainfall, but if the people earn their living by other means and not agriculture, the place will still be populated.

35. What does the text talk about?
A.        The population distribution.
B.        The physical condition of the place.
C.        The level of technology of the people.
D.        The distribution of the world’s population.
E.         The main factor of the population distribution.

36.  The Nile Delta in Egypt is densely populated, because ….
A.        it has extreme physical conditions
B.        the areas are hilly with harsh climate
C.        it makes living and farming very difficult
D.        it is possible for people to survive in that delta
E.         the soil is fertile and the climate is not too harsh

37.  What is the purpose of the text?
          A. To explain the distribution of the world’s population.
          B. To report the distribution of the population.
          C. To describe the world’s population.
          D. To discuss the world’s population.
          E. To overcome the over population.
The following text is for questions 38 to 40.
Laptop as Student’s Friends
Conventionally, students need book, pen, eraser, drawing book, ruler and such other stuff. Additionally, in this multimedia era, students need more to reach their progressive development. Students need mobile keyboards to record every presented subject easily. Of course it will need more cost but it will deserve for its function.
First, modern schools tend to apply fast transferring knowledge because the school needs to catch the target of curriculum. Every subject will tend to be given in demonstrative method. Consequently students need extra media cover the subject. Since there is a laptop on every student’s desk, this method will help student to get better understanding.
Secondly, finding an appropriate laptop is not difficult as it was. Recently there is an online shop which provides comprehensive information. The best is that the shop has service of online shopping. The students just need to brows that online shop, decide which computer or laptop they need, and then complete the transaction. After that the laptop will be delivered to the students’ houses. That is really easy and save time and money.
From all of that, having mobile computer is absolutely useful for students who want to catch the best result for their study. Buying laptop online is advisable because it will cut the price. This online way is recommended since online shop also provides several laptop types. Students just need to decide which type they really need.

38. Which of the followings is the benefit buying laptop online shop?
A.       Having an electric notebook is unsuggested.          
B.       Available any types of mobile keyboard.
C.       Lack transaction is not effective.
D.       Not easy to find a suitable one.
E.        Spend a lot of time to buy it.

39.  What does the text mainly tell about?
A.       The use of electronic media.
B.       Laptop as students needs.
C.       Many types of laptop.
D.       Buying laptop online.
E.        Shop online services.

40The third paragraph tells us ….               
A.       suitable mobile keyboard                 
B.       the whole of information                                         
C.       suitable mobile keyboard                 
D.       shop services
E.        online shop                                       
The following text is for questions 41 to 43.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Office
Everybody likes home sweet home. However, making an office at home is possible and recommended. Of course home office will have both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is wise to consider the strengths and weaknesses to have a home office.
Some people will agree that having an office at home will make benefit. It saves time. We need no commuting which occasionally takes a long time. Besides, we are free to set the work schedule. Having home office will save money as we need not to purchase or lease of an office space from rent companies. What make it more flexible is that we can set part or all parts of our home just as a real office. What we need is only a wireless router to cover all parts of our house with internet. We can run our business wherever part of our house we want, from living room, bed room, veranda, etc. even we can make sell or purchase by online shopping for things we need. Furthermore, working at home might reduce stress, effort and time and divert it into other more productive things because while working, we are close to our families.
However, making home as an office also has some disadvantages. For some people, keeping the schedule is hard in flexible time. Such people will work hard if they are working just from home. There will no clear border between working and breaking. Working just from home also reduces the possibility to meet new people. It is true that computer and internet connection possibly relate people every time and everywhere but we will interact with them in a dimension which is not real face.
So considering carefully what we actually need in running our business is very recommended before choosing to have office at home or not.

41. What is the benefit for some people having an office at home?
A.       It saves time.
B.       It is needed in running business.
C.       It is hard to keep the schedule in flexible time.
D.       It can reduce the possibility to meet new people.
E.        It is possible to relate people every time and everywhere.

42. This text is talking about ….
A.       the possibility of having home sweet home
B.       the benefits  of selling things through internet
C.       the recommendation of making an office at home
D.       the strengths and weaknesses to have a home office at home
E.        the advantages and disadvantages of making home office at home

43. Which of the followings is the disadvantage of making home as an office for some people?
A.       They might reduce stress.
B.       They are close to their families.
C.       They are free to set the work schedule.
D.   They might be hard to meet new people.
E.    They will save money as they do not need to lease an office space.

The following text is for questions 44 to 46.
The Ghost at the Trial
The Ghost at the Trial tells about a man, George Fotherly. One day, he was reading                   a newspaper in his sitting room. On the front page, there was news about a horrible murder. After he read that news, he had a dream about the victim’s room that he had read before. When he woke up, he saw a strange thing happened in front of his apartment. He saw a frightened man who was followed by a pale face’s man. Both of them were staring at him. Three days later, some police arrested a man accused as the murder.
Two months later, George and his servant saw a ghost in his dressing room. They were frightened. The next morning, George got a letter from the Law Courts. He was asked to be a member of the jury in a trial.
In the trial, George had some strange experience again. First, he saw the frightened man that he saw in front of his apartment two months ago as the accused person. When the judge asked who wanted to be the foreman between the jury, George lifted his hands up.
According to the list, there should be only twelve juries, but he saw thirteen juries in the trial. The thirteenth jury was a shadow of the ghost.
On the fifth day of the trial, George realized that the ghost who kept following him during the trial was the victim of murderer case and he wanted him to recover the fact. The ghost wanted George to prove that the accused man was guilty and must be punished.
The last day of the trial, the judge spoke to the jury. George as the foreman told the judge about the accused man, the victim, and the witnesses. At that time, the ghost appeared in the trial room. When the judge finally decided that the accused man was guilty, the ghost disappeared. His revenge had been paid.

44. The ghost kept on following George because he wanted George to ….
A.       prove that the accused man was guilty
B.       revenge the accused man
C.       discuss the murder case
D.       scare the accused man
E.        frighten the juries
45. What does the text tell about?
A.       The ghost at the trial.
B.       The accused murderer.
C.       The foreman of the jury.
D.       The victim of a murder.
E.        The witnesses of a murder.

46. How many juries were there at the trials?
A.       Eleven juries
B.       Twelve juries
C.       Thirtheen juries
D.       Fourteen juries
E.        Fifteen juries

47. Study the following sentences related to growing the Bonsai tree!
  1. Then tie the branches with wire.
  2. Make sure to shape it as you want.
  3. Finally the Bonsai will grow well.
  4. When the tree is older, wire is removed.
  5. You take a healthy young tree, almost all kind of tree we will be possible.
  6. After that give plenty of fertilizer, and cut the branches regularly to be shorter
Which of the followings is the good arrangement to be the correct text?
A. 2-1-4-5-6-3
B. 4-5-1-6-2-3
C. 2-1-4-5-6-3
D. 5-2-1-6-4-3
E. 5-1-2-4-6-3

The following text is for questions 48 to 50.

Complete the following text with the appropriate words!

Each summer Claybourne University School of Business Administration offers special courses for … (48) … managers who want to sharpen their existing business skills or learn new ones. You will study with your peers in a week-long intensive session that … (49) … the world of international commerce. You will learn new theories and study the way business is … (50) … around the world. Students in previous sessions have reported that what they learned was immediately applicable to their own work situations.
            Only one person from a company is accepted into this special program. All applications require three letters of recommendation and proof of employment.

48. A. educated
       B. renewed
       C. employed
      D. deranged
      E. experienced

49. A. simulates
       B. implants
       C. connects
       D. reminds
       E. ignores
50. A. agreed
      B. banned
      C. socialized
      D. conducted
      E. committed
PROGRAM                   : IPA/IPS/BAHASA


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