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1. The division is a stage of anaphase is the image number ...

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 2 and 3

2. Note the stages of cell division
stage is below the cleavage stage at prophase I of meiosis process and takes place in several sub-phases, namely:
1. Pachytene
2. Diakinesis
3. Diploten
4. Leptoten
Whichcorrect sequence of processes Prophase I of meiosis. , .
A. 4-1-5-3-2
B. 4-5-3-2-1
C. 4-3-2-1-5
D. 4-2-3-1-5
E. 4-5-1-3-2

3. Events that occur in prophase of meiosis I was ...
A. Centromere splitting into 2
B. Melting core wall
C. The formation of threads of chromatin
D. Alternation chromatids toward the poles
E. Berkumpilnya chromosomes in equatorial

4. Label the right of the image above spermatogenesis is ...

A. 1 spermatogonia, spermatids 4
B. 1 spermatids, spermatocytes 3
​​C. 1 spermatogonia, spermatocytes 3
​​D. 1 spermatogonia, 4 sperm
E. 1 spermatid, sperm 5

5. The figure below shows the phases ...

A. Interphase
B. Prophase
C. Anafse
D. Metaphase
E. Telophase

6. Look at the picture below!

In the image of the cell cycle, chromosome replication occurs in phases ...

A. M
B. G1
C. G2
D. M2
E. S

7. The image illustrates what phase of mitosis
A. Anaphase
B. teleophase
C. metaphase
D. Prophase

8. The locus of the meiotic division is ...

A. 1 and 2
B. 2 and 3
C. 3 and 4
D. 4 and 5
E. 5 and 6

9. Here is a picture of animal cell division in meiosis

stages shown in the figure ABC in a row is ...
A. Prophase I, Metaphase I, Anaphase I
B. Metaphase II, Anaphase II, Prophase II
C. Anaphase I, Prophase II, Metaphase II
D. Metaphase I, Prophase I, Anaphase I
E. Metaphase I, II Prophase, Anaphase II
Answer: D

10. Sequentially, the section designated by numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 are ...

A. Pistil-ova-generative core-core vegetative
B. Pistil-ova-core vegetative-generative core
C. Pollen tube-ova-generative core-core vegetative
D. Pollen-pollen-tube core-core vegetative generative
E. Pollen-pollen-tube core-core generative vegetative
11. In meiosis occurs the following events:

- Separation of chromatids that make up chromosomes
- Movement chromatids to opposite poles are located opposite

The incident occurred at the stage ...
A. Metaphase I
B. Telophase I
C. Anaphase I
D. Metaphase II
E. Anaphase II

12. In meiosis II mikrosporogenesis will be formed ...
A. 2 haploid microspore
B. 2 microspores of diploid
C. 2 mikorospora triploid
D. 4 haploid microspore
E. 4 microspores diploid

13. The steps necessary to mitotic division is ...

A. 3-4-1-2
B. 2-3-4-1
C. 2-3-1-4
D. 1-2-4-3
E. 1-2-3-4

14. Below is a table between phases prophase I of meiosis
1. Diploten - Changes in chromatin so chromosome
2. Zigoten - homologous chromosomes are paired to form synapses
3. Pachytene - There crossovers
4. Diakinesis - Establishment tetrad
5. leptoten - chromosomes towards the Equator
The correct answer is
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5

15. In Which phase of protein synthesis / replication of DNA ...
A. G 1
B. S
C. G 2
D. Anaphase
E. Metaphase

16. In mitotic cell division, chromatid separation of centromeres occurs in .........

17. In seed plants with mikrosporangium structure, the result of
the process of meiosis in the form of .......
D.buluh pollen

18. In plants, reduction division occurs in ...
A. Cambium circle
B. Meristem tissue
C. Pucuk rod
D. Tools breed

19tip.Interest meiosis is ... ..
A. cells to replace damaged and worn
B. forming cells of an organism's body
C. culturing the single-celled organisms
D. keeping the number of chromosomes always kept each generation
E. growth in the region grewpoints.

20  Here is an overview of mitotic divisions:
1. Nucleotides can no longer be seen
2. Threads of chromatin thickened
3. Seen a pair of centrioles
4. Chromatids arrange themselves in division
five. Chromatid separation toward the poles
6. Nucleoli disappear

What happens in phase prophase is number .........
A. 1- 2- 3
B. 2- 3- 4
C. 3- 4- 5
D. 3- 4- 6
E. 2- 3- 6

21.Pindah cross occurs between chromatids of homologous chromosomes. This often occurs in phases ...
a. Prophase
b. Metaphase
c. Anaphase
d. Telophase
e. Interphase

22. Metaphase phase is characterized as follows!
A. Chromosomes are starting to look obvious, nucleus membrane disappears
b. Formed threads gelendng and chromosomes are arranged in the plane division
c. The chromosomes move toward the poles through the bobbin thread
d. Plasma cells are narrowed at the equator
e. Plasma cells form a seal at the equator

23. Of a human somatic cells have chromosomes and are called ____ ____
A. 10, haploid
B. 92, diploid
C. 23, haploid
D. 46,diploid.

24  Some of the following statements do with cell division:
1.occurs in body
2cells.gametogenesis occur in the
3process.The nature of the daughter cells similar to those of stem cells
4. Daughter cell trait is not the same as the nature of stem cells
5. Cell division takes place one
6. Cell division takes place twice
That is the hallmark of mitotic division is ...
a. 1-2 - 3
b. 2-3 - 4
c. 3-4 -
5s.1-3 - 5
e. 4 - 5-6

25. Crossing-over Occurs during:
A. Anaphase 1
B. metaphase 1
C. Prophase 1
D. Prophase 2
E. Interphase

26. Here are some picture of the mitotic phase
1. Nucleolus are no longer visible
2. Threads of chromatin thickened
3. Visible presence of a pair of buildings called centrioles
4. All chromatids organize themselves on the field division
five. Chromatid organize themselves on the field division
6. Nucleoli can be seen again
What happens in prophase is ...
a. 1-2 - 3
b. 2-3 - 4
c. 3-4 -
5s.3-4 - 6
E. 4-5 - 6

27. Of the following statement, which is the most true about human gametogenesis?
A. Gametogonium of the stem cells produce functional cells 3 and 1 ovum
b. Gametes produced cells are diploid cells
c. In the process of oogenesis resulting functional egg 4
d. In oogenesis produced 1 piece of egg functional
e. Spermatogenesis continued in line with the growth in men

28. Meiotic cell division with the following characteristics:
1. Homologous chromosomes that are in the equatorial field moves and separate themselves from one another
2. Each chromosome toward opposite poles
3. Spindle and the entire cell rather elongated

upper cell division occurs in a phase ...
a. Prophase I
b. Anaphase I
c. Metaphase I
d. Telophase I
e. Interphase I

29. Apes have 48 chromosomes (2n). If there oogenesis, then the number of chromosomes in the secondary oocyte is ...
a. 2
b. 12
c. 24
d. 48
e. 92

30. In spermatogenesis after meiosis I will be formed ...
a. 2 primary spermatocytes cells
b. 2 cells secondary spermatocytes
c. 2 spermatid cells
d. 4spermatid cells
E. 4 cells spermatocytes
31. What is the structure labeled "X" on the picture?

A. centriole
B. spindle
C. chromosome
D. chromatid
E. kinetochore

32. Consider the following image
formation of zygote (potential seed) is a fusion between the number ..........
A.3 and5
B.2and 7
C.1 and5
D.2and 4
E.1 and 4

33. Cytokinesis is the distribution phase plasma
mitoticand meiotic divisions.
the process occurs in the ....
A. Prophase
B. Metaphase
C. Anaphase
D. Telophase
E. Interphase
34. Observe the following mitotic division pictures!

Phase after metaphase indicated bynumber.
a  1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. 3 and 4

35. In the stages of meiosis I below, which shows the reduction of child cell chromosome is ...

36 If a person receives an X and a Y chromosome, that person is:
A. female
B. male
C. red eyed
D. mentally challenged
E. Intersex

37. In meiosis occurs the following events:
- Separation of chromatids that make up chromosomes
- Separation chromatids to opposite poles
The incident occurred at the stage ...

a. Metaphase I
b. Telophase I
c. Anaphase I
d. Metaphase II
e. Anaphase II

38. Organelles shown by the image below to work ....
A.Menghasilkan yarns division (spindle)
B.Menghancurkan foreign substances (antibodies)
C.Sebagai appliance disposal (excretion)
D.Sebagai means of transport protein
E.Mengendalikan cell activity

39. Consider the following picture!
The formation of the antipodes, synergids, intikandung secondary institutions happen once in
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. 5

40. The following are some of the stage picture division meiosis:

1. Nucleus can no longer be seen
2. Threads of chromatin shortens and thickens
3. Visible presence of a pair of centrioles
4. All chromatids arrange themselves in the equatorial field
5. Chromatid separation toward the opposite pole
6. Nucleus can be seen again
in phase prophase What happens is ...
a. 2-3 - 4

b. 3-4 - 5
c. 3-4 -
6d.1-2 - 3
c. 4 - 5-6

41. An animal has 40 chromosomes in its gametes, chromosomes how many would you expect to find in this animal's brain cells?
A. 1
B. 20
C. 40
D. 80
E. 120

42. There are three ways of cell division. The following statement which shows the relationship between how the cell division and the goal is .........
A. meiotic cells to multiply
B. mitosis to form gametes
C. amitosis to form gametes
D. mitosis and cell multiply amitosis
E. mitosis and meiosis to multiplycells.

43  A human being has _____ ______ autosomes and sex chromosomes
A. 23 1
B. 22 pairs, one pair
C. 23 23
D. 2, 2 pairs
E. 44, 2 pairs

44. During the which phase of mitosis is DNA replicated?
A. interphase
B. Prophase
C. Anaphase
D. telophase
E. interphase

45. A cell with 10 chromosomes undergoes mitosis. How many daughter cells are created? ___ ___ Each daughter cell has chromosomes.
A. 2, 10
B. 10, 2
C. 1, 10

D. 2, 20

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