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1.    Loop of Henle is concerned with:
A.  excretory system
B.  reproductive system
C.  nervous system
D.  muscular system
Answer:    A

2.    Urea is transported by
A.  plasma
B.  blood
Answer:    A

3.    The kidneys resemble the contractile vacuoles of amoeba in
A.  expelling out excess of water
B.  expelling out glucose
C.  expelling out urea and uric acid
D.  expelling out salts
Answer:    A

4.    Glucose is reabsorbed in the kidney mainly by
A.  Bowman's capsule
B.  Loop of Henle
C.  Proximal Convoluted Tubule
D.  Distal Convoluted Tubule
Answer:    C

5.    Amino acids in the body are broken down to form urea in
A.  kidney
B.  liver
C.  spleen
D.  pancreas
Answer:    B

6.    Difference between glomerular filtrate and blood plasma is of
A.  proteins in plasma
B.  potassium
C.  first is white and second is yellow
D.  proteins in glomerular filtrate
Answer:    A

7.    In the kidneys of mammals, Loop of Henle can be found in
A.  medulla
B.  cortex
C.  pelvis
D.  pyramid
Answer:    A

8.    In the kidney the correct sequence of formation of urine involves the following processes:

A.  glomerular filtration, reabsorption, tubular secretion
B.  reabsorption, filtration, secretion
C.  filtration, secretion, reabsorption
D.  reabsorption, secretion, filtration
Answer:    A

9.    A severe fall in blood pressure disturbs the function of kidneys and reduces
A.  renal filtration
B.  glomerular filtration
C.  reabsorption
D.  secretion of nitrogenous wastes
Answer:    B

10. Excretion of bile pigments in urine indicates
A.  anaemia
B.  diabetes
C.  gout
D.  jaundice
Answer:    D

11. Workers in deep mines usually suffer from dehydration because
A.  water is lost due to evaporation
B.  water is lost due to defecation
C.  water is lost in the form of sweat
D.  water is lost along with salts in the form of sweat
Answer:    D

12. The concentration of urea is highest in
A.  renal vein
B.  hepatic portal vein
C.  dorsal aorta
D.  hepatic vein
Answer:    D

13. The concentration of urea is least in
A.  renal artery
B.  renal vein
C.  post canal
D.  dorsal aorta
Answer:    B

14. The function of the mammalian kidney is to excrete
A.  extra salts, urea and excess water
B.  extra urea, excess water and excess amino acids
C.  extra urea, extra carbohydrates and extra water
D.  extra urea, extra salts and extra sugar
Answer:    A

15. The plasma is similar in its composition with the filtrate produced in glomerulus except for the presence of
A.  glucose
B.  chlorides
C.  proteins
D.  amino acids
Answer:    C

16. If a man takes in large amount of proteins he is likely to secrete more amount of
A.  urea
B.  uric acid
C.  sugar
D.  carbon dioxide
Answer:    A

17.    What will happen if one kidney of a person is removed
A.  he will survive and remain normal
B.  he will die
C.  urea will go on accumulating in the blood
D.  urination will stop
Answer:    A

18. The glomerular filtrate contains
A.  blood minus cells
B.  blood minus cells and minus proteins
C.  blood minus proteins
D.  plasma minus cells minus proteins
Answer:    B

19. In the distal convoluted tubule of the nephrons
A.  Sodium reabsorption requires energy
B.  Secretion of potassium does not require energy
C.  Water reabsorption requires energy
D.  Ammonia is secreted
Answer:    A

20. The mechanism of uric acid secretion in the nephron is
A.  diffusion
B.  excretion
C.  ultrafiltration
D.  osmosis
Answer:    C

21. Human kidney has
A.  Ciliated nephrons
B.  No loop of Henle
C.  Meronephric duct
D.  Glomeruli concentrated in cortex
Answer:    D

22. Uriniferous tubules are found in
A.  Kidneys
B.  Testes
C.  Ovary
D.  Stomach
Answer:    A

23. Reabsorption of chloride ions from the glomerular filtrate in the kidney tubule is carried out by
A.  Osmosis
B.  Diffusion
C.  Active transport
D.  Brownian movement
Answer:    B

24. Bowman's capsule and glomerulus form
A.  cortex
B.  pyramid
C.  malphigian body
D.  medulla

Answer:    C

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