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1.   Which is the last stop of the urinary track?
A.  Bladder
B.  Ureter
C.  Urethra
D.  Kidney

2.   Which part of the brain detects the amount of CO2 in the blood?
A.  Medulla oblongata
B.  Tectum
C.  Cerebellum
D.  Pons

3.   The act of knowing  you have lots of CO2 and wanting to breathe because of it is called...
A.  Respiration
B.  Osmosis
C.  Photosynthesis
D.  A feedback mechanism

4.   Why is it impossible to hold your breath and die?
A.  Because you'll pass out and begin breathing again.
B.  Because you can't hold your breath in your hands.
C.  Because there's so much oxygen in your blood, you'll live forever.
D.  You don't need to breathe.

5.   Which malfunction of the respiratory system is the destruction of alveolar walls?
A.  Bronchitis
B.  Pneumonia
C.  Emphysema
D.  Asthma

6.   If someone smokes cigarettes constantly for a long time, their alveoli will eventually be coated with tar. This is bad because...
A.  It does not as good as when they are not coated.
B.  Its more difficult to diffuse things in and out of the lungs.
C.  The alveoli cannot move as well when they are coated.
D.  The alveoli does not have room to grow.

7.   Pneumonia is the...
A.  Swelling of the throat.
B.  Loss of red blood cells.
C.  Building up of fluids in the lungs.
D.  Inflammation of the bronchi.

8.   Which is not correct about what lungs excrete?
A.  Water
B.  Carbon Dioxide
C.  Heat
D.  Energy

9.   Which organ breaks down old red blood cells and stores iron for hemoglobin?
A.  Brain
B.  Lungs
C.  Kidney
D.  Liver

10. The liver also makes ____ from old amino acids.
A.  Urea
B.  CO2
C.  Heat
D.  Energy

11. Skin and sweat glands excrete 3 main things. Which of these do they not excrete?
A.  Water
B.  Carbon dioxide
C.  Salts
D.  Some urea

12. The skin and sweat glands also reduce body temperature to maintain...
A.  Energetic
B.  Alive
C.  Homeostasis
D.  The correct ratio of carbon dioxide to oxygen.

13. Which organ(s) collects and excretes urea, excess salts, and water?
A.  Lungs
B.  Liver
C.  Small intestine
D.  Kidneys

14. The functional unit of the kidney is the...
A.  Nephron
B.  Alveoli
C.  Mitochondria
D.  Ribosomes

15. The loop of henle is so long to increase...
A.  Time
B.  Surface area
C.  Reproduction of cells
D.  Oxygen productions

16. True or false. There is a reabsorbing capillary in the nephron to reabsorb nutrients that were just put into the loop of henle.
A.  True
B.  False

17. The loop of henle absorbs metabolic wastes from the...
A.  Arterioles
B.  Venuoles
C.  Glomerulus
D.  Capillaries

18. The kidney leads to the ureter, which leads to the...
A.  Liver
B.  Adrena gland
C.  Urinary bladder
D.  Urethra

19. When urine urine is yellow, that means you are...
A.  Dehydrated
B.  Hydrated
C.  Sick
D.  Healthy

20. The nasal chamber does what to incoming air?
A.  Absorbs it
B.  Speeds it up
C.  Warms it
D.  Stops it


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